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The whole cluster was built and tested off-site by DALCO electronics in cooperation with SuSE, Germany before being shipped to the ETH on December 20, 1999.

The empty space on the morning of December 20, 1999 Asgard[45kB] Asgard[67kB]
The racks are being shipped and moved into position Asgard[55kB]  Asgard[59kB] Asgard[52kB]
Most of the cabling is already done. Only the connections between the machines remain to be done Asgard[137kB]  Asgard[118kB]  Asgard[78kB]  Asgard[76kB]  Asgard[98kB]  Asgard[116kB]  Asgard[128kB]  Asgard[74kB]  Asgard[69kB]
The cluster is ready to be used Asgard[51kB] Asgard[42kB] Asgard[73kB]

These pictures are optimized for Web usage. If you need better quality images please contact Elmar Heeb. Some pictures were made using digital cameras, some are scanned from conventional photos.

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