Asgard   -  Program Beowulf Day Wintersemester 2006/2007 - Jan 23, 2007
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Project descriptions


Date and Room

Jan 23, 2007 in HG E 21


1035-1040Matthias TroyerGreetings
1040-1055Yanming MaMetallic phase of oxygen
1055-1110Tsuyoshi KoyamaHIQLAB: Simulation of Resonant MEMS file
1110-1125Atsushi UrakawaTowards Rational Design of Ruthenium CO2-Hydrogenation Catalysts by Ab Initio Metadynamics
1125-1140Dim CoumouParallel finite element-finite volume computations to solve hydrothermal fluid convection in geologic media
1140-1200Herman SingerMorphology diagram of thermal dendritic solidification by means of phase-field models in 2 and 3 dimensions
1305-1315Robert FeldmannSimulations of collisionless galaxy mergers
1315-1340Gabriele Morra3D Boundary Element Simulation of geodynamics on a sphere
1340-1355Paul Tackley3D spherical simulations of mantle convection and plate tectonics in the earth and terrestrial planets
1355-1410Taras GeryaHigh-resolution multiple-scale modeling of geodynamic processes link
1410-1425Patricia Kenzelmann, Andreas FischerSimulate climate with chemistry-climate model SOCOL
1435-1450Lucy CrooksFitness effects of HIV mutations file
1450-1505Lina NilssonEnhancing biological adhesion under force: a molecular dynamics study
1505-1525Chikatamarla Shyam SunderParallel lattice Boltzmann simulations of hydrodynamic flows
1525-1535Oliver HahnEvolution of the dark large-scale structure in the universe
1545-1615Wes PetersenAsset pricing in idiosyncratically incomplete markets, a numerical simulation file
1615-1630Denis NordmannPrototype of a cost-effective Cell cluster for scientific computing file, link
1630-1645Stephan GammeterFirst experiences: Programming the Cell processor for scientific applications
1645-1700Joerg WaldvogelHow far away is the discovery of a dense cluster of 19 primes in the range of 10^25?
1710-1720Tilo SteigerCluster status report
1720-1820Plenary discussion
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